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Are you looking for a MEAN Stack development company or MEAN stack development services?

Welcome to TeckTide Technologies, we are a technology-based software development company that provides affordable MEAN stack development services.

Powered with improved performance and optimized use of resources MEAN stack stands out from the rest of the competition.

It gives you the power to do more with less.

What is MEAN stack?

MEAN is an acronym for Mongo DBExpress JSNode JS, and Angular JS, respectively.

As from the technology stack, it refers to the collection of JavaScript-based technologies used to develop an application.

From client to server and server to client MEAN is a full-stack JavaScript.

Why should you choose MEAN stack development?

MEAN stack is highly preferred when you are looking forward to building an Agile application that is data-driven and rich in features.

When we talk about scalable products, it very difficult for other technologies such as Java or .Net to maintain scalability and performance at the same time as compared to Mean stack.

MEAN stack is simple, reliable yet robust in building dynamic applications, whether its a mobile app or a web app. Hence the structure is more suitable for the transformation of data and future programming needs.

Other reasons to choose MEAN stack development-

  • Open source, free, and reliable framework for web and mobile app development.
  • Being a JavaScrip stack, it is a highly efficient power-packed with four powerful performance technologies.
  • We also have excellent support and an enriched library from the MEAN stack developer community.
  • Mean stack is all in one technology stack from front-end to back-end.
  • Flexible environment and code-reusability is an advantage.
  • End to end development using only JavaScript technology.

What makes TeckTide the best for MEAN stack development services?

Our software engineers in our full-stack development company Streamline the development process from Front-end to high-performance back-end services by leveraging MEAN features.

Our Basic Motive is to develop an Expertise platform that helps to make Stack development a more straightforward, efficient, error-free, and one-stop solution for the complete Mean stack applications.

Most importantly, it is compatible with all Android, iOS, and Windows devices. We enable progressive businesses to rebuild, scale and gain competitive advantage, through the expert delivery of innovative, Technical implementation of the new features. Our experts give you a prominent solution across India, US, UK, Australia and many other countries with affordable price and within the time frame.


Who all are using Node JS and MEAN stack to carry out a better experience?

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Let us share you a insight on how Node Js helped Paypal. They built there Java/Spring based application using node JS and found that-

  • The application build was twice as fast with fewer people
  • With 33% fewer line of code
  • Also 40% fewer files
  • More importantly doubled(2x) the number of request served per second
  • And 35% faster response time

Full Stack Development Advantages


JavaScript Everywhere. We can do all BackEnd front end using JS.

Superfast and highly scalable

Great for prototyping and agile development

Cleaner and more consistence code base

Large ecosystem of open source libraries

Security architecture- Handles large amount of traffic efficiently and securely.

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