PHP web development services

Php web development services

With the most exceptional expert in the market, TeckTide feels proud to offer PHP web development services. Over a half-decade Tecktiders have been marvelously phenomenal in building product that has shaped the business across the globe. We believe in innovating and building web structures by using PHP and its various framework.

We offer custom-built PHP web development services as per the client’s needs and requirements. As a PHP web development partner, we ensure privacy, security and top-notch service. We do an in-depth analysis of business requirements and invest essential time understanding the business needs and the targeted audience.

Every client project gives us a new opportunity to do more, explore our creativity, develop business logic, innovate and built an excellent product. Tecktide ensures that every step in the software development life cycle is transparent and approved by the client. Customer satisfaction and quality deliverables are the top priority that we believe.

PHP has been a widely used web scripting language that was designed in the mid-1990. Moreover, 80% of the website today is powered by PHP. There are uncountable benefits, whether it’s a CRM, a CMS, or a custom build web app, PHP fits perfectly. Being an open-source general-purpose programming language, it has a myriad of advantages and support from developers all around the world.

It will be our pleasure to help you grow and skyrocket your business. Tecktide builds and delivers outstanding PHP web applications at an affordable price.

Why should you choose PHP for your project?

Market prevalence– PHP has been in the market since the ’90s, and the market cover of web app made using PHP is more than 80%. It is so widely used, its easier to get skilled developers and experts.

Cost efficiency– Project made using PHP is less cost-effective as compared to other technologies. Development, support and maintenance cost are significantly low due to high competition in the market and easy availability of developers. PHP is open-source, so it does not add to the extra cost of downloading any license.

Faster product development– PHP can be used for rapid prototyping as it has fewer dependencies and without compromise on the functionality, giving the same productivity level.

How TeckTide Work

MVP -We tecktider believe in helping the customer starting from individual to a group of team/Startups. By MVP approach we help you guys enter into a market section cost-effectively.

Agile– For complex project whose scope is not defined and need repetitive iteration and client/stakeholder monitoring, Agile is best suited.

Why Tecktide as your development partner

We have experts with more than 15+years of experience in PHP web application development services. Tecktide guaranteed quality products that meet all the market standards and the trust you can rely on. We also provide 6-month support completely free after the product has been developed and delivered.

We tecktiders believe in establishing a never-ending relationship. Our friendly interaction and flexible meeting time allow us to have a great impact on the way we work. We are like a family; we entertain every single request from the client and ensure those are implemented and put into work.

Tecktide vision is to support sustainable development techniques and optimize the use of resources, thus providing an advantage to clients that our PHP website development services are affordable and pocket friendly. This helps not only big enterprises but also individual or small startups, giving them the confidence to enter into the market with the most valuable product.

Robust product with strong security is what every client needs. Our experience and standard implementation of security help eliminate variabilities, product best architecture design and security layer so that you can focus and dedicate time to your business.

Rapid development techniques by using PHP frameworks such as Laravel, CodeIgniter and cake PHP are carried out in the development phase, simple prototyping and repetitive testing of modules ensure faster product delivery and better use of time.

We have already developed and delivered multiple PHP websites and web applications to our global clients ranging from small, medium to high range. Our experience and commitment towards product development and firm management ensure low risk and maximize productivity by saving the cost and time of clients.

API development

Rest API using PHPThe Application Program Interface is a crucial part of the application; it may have vulnerabilities that can impact the app itself and the business adversely. We hire the most exceptional engineers who can develop perfect API and with the best coding practice.

Nowadays, every application uses REST API with MVC ( Model, View & Controller ) pattern, and we give our client the flexibility to make everything Restful. This ensures future development and integration process secure and reliable.

CUSTOM API DEVELOPMENT– We build custom API as per the business requirement, which can allow simple sync and interaction to the backend allowing smooth data flow.

3RD PARTY API DEVELOPMENT-  We integrate 3rd party API so that your app can use the power of other supporting application/ vendor giving additional powerful features and more capabilities.


Are you looking for PHP web application development? Tecktide is having an awesome team of PHP developers and UI designers to blend the technology and creativity without comprising the application performance.  

Here are some of the services that we provide-

  • PHP website development services
  • Custom PHP web app development
  • PHP programming and scripting
  • Responsive web application using PHP
  • CMS development
  • CRM development
  • PHP programming help
  • Full-stack PHP web development
  • PHP release and deployment
  • PHP API development service
  • PHP plugin development

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