Best Python Data Science Projects

Data science projects, which you are building to improve your resume, present a large number of concepts and code sizes. Do you still dream of becoming a data scientist, or have you given up on it?

There are no developers, and there is nothing to argue about this fact. The lack of hands-on work and the budding number of programming classes encourage more children to focus on this career path. At Letstacle, we believe programming is the coolest thing you can do. However, not everyone thinks the same. More and more often, we come across opinions that it is a challenging and thankless profession. Of course, we categorically disagree with this.

The genesis of the problem

We choose to explore the subject and find out where the dog is actually buried. After continuous debates, we finally figured out the heart of the problem, and that is money. Don’t take me wrong. I’m happy to receive hefty paychecks in my account every month, and there is no issue with that. The problem is that the cash register is often the sole motivator of novice programmers.

Nowadays, people force themselves to learn programming to meet their financial expectations. Learning programming is a time taking and arduous process, and the essential thing here is perseverance. If you have been practicing for a long time, you may feel frustrated. In such instances, it gets easy to give up and get off the path of real samurai.

It doesn’t have to be this way

As a rule, programming is fun, and we would even go a step further. Being able to program in Python is nothing less than magic. With its power, children can do things that other ordinary mortals never dreamed of. You can quickly develop an app that counts the number of people using your Wi-Fi. Please. The automated dog feeding system is also not an issue. The only thing that can limit you is your imagination.

We would like to mention that you don’t have to be some Python scavenger to implement most of these projects. If you can learn variables and write functions, get to work. There is nothing that can stop you. Moreover, excuses like “I don’t know enough yet to write something on my own” only limit you. If you have any confusion or you don’t know something, then you can read it. You have to roll up your sleeves and start developing your own mini-project.

Top 3 suggestions for Python Data science projects

XIAOMI YEELIGHT – an ordinary light bulb

Well, it is not so ordinary. The usual thing about this bulb is that it will shine whenever you screw it into the holder. Nothing impressive at the moment, but it’s just the beginning. Xiaomi has armed this inconspicuous bulb with a Wi-Fi module and an Android application that allows you to control its various aspects.

Sounds cool, but this feature is meant for casual users. As a Python developer, you can explore many new possibilities. Moreover, you can also download various Python libraries from the internet to steer your toy. You can easily program an application that turns on a light bulb at given times. Also, you can make it dependent on sunrises and sunsets or any other action.

Let’s connect the light bulb to react to the phone’s appearance within the range of home Wi-Fi. An endless sea of possibilities. All you need to learn is the basics of Python programming.

What will you learn?

  • Python Programming
  • You will gain networking knowledge
  • You will learn the ability to read technical documentation
  • You will gain knowledge of Git from here since you will need to download the Python library you need.


Everyone has dreamed of doing their own work. Now this dream can turn from vision to reality. We will not use our bricks to create a full-size Terminator, but maybe better. In the end, I do not recall that Terminator arrived with a program based on Python. T1000 hardly had, and the following models were only worse. But, now, let’s come back to the earth.

The selling prices of LEGO MINDSTORMS sets are not low, but it is aimed at younger audiences who love Python. It can effortlessly provide a lot of fun to novice programmers. The perfect solution for families whose children are interested in programming.

What will you learn:

  • Fundamentals of electronics
  • Basic Robotics
  • Python
  • Gita

Ryze Tello drone

Yes, this out-of-the-box wonder can also be programmed using Python. You can easily connect it with a dedicated application, which, apart from controls, also provides a live image preview. However, we need to use a Python library for this. Because the manufacturer has installed a camera with a quite good resolution on board, you can easily play with image recognition. Over the Internet, you can find a multitude of projects regarding this drone.

What will you learn

  • Python
  • Some networking issues
  • Architecture client-server
  • A bit of math if you need to calculate routes for our drone

At Letstacle, our rockstar instructors and small class guarantee to provide incredible student outcomes. Our programs are nothing sort of an investment in your child’s future.


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