Python Jobs and Salaries in US

This article shows how much Python Developer earns based on the framework, internship, form, Python Jobs, and employment location. In addition, you will also learn where to look for a job as a Python developer.

History of Python

Currently, Python is one of the most popular programming languages – it has even surpassed Java in the popularity ranking. Its core advantage is that it’s a fairly simple language (best for children), so anyone can learn it quickly. Also, the demand for good programmers is high all the time. In addition, it’s a versatile language, indicating anyone who has learned Python will find their way into an ocean of programming.

Such a popularity increase is particularly impressive, especially considering that Python is quite young – Guido Van Rossum and his colleagues created it in the early 1990s. For comparison, the first period of development of the C language, which is still rocking, falls in the years 1969-1973.

The number of people who are into Python has also increased significantly in the US. According to data obtained from job offers and IT community research, most Python programmers (as much as 73%) are under the “30” – so you can see that Python is used in particular by budding developers.

So let’s find out how much a coder specializing in a language created by Guido Van Rossum would earn if we employed him in the USA. Below, we take a comprehensive look at the Python Developer earnings in terms of factors, including the type of work contract, city, and company size. Now, let’s get started!

The following section will display the average salary of a Python developer when they choose to work in the US. Several factors play an essential role here, particularly service length, contract type, the city in which the developer lives, specialization, and size of the organization.

What is the Salary of a programmer who does Python jobs?

Mostly a Junior Python developer is a programmer with a maximum of 2 years of work experience. Mid will be considered those working for 2 to 5 years, and seniors have up to 10 years of comprehensive experience. Let’s look at the average earnings of each of the python programming jobs

Junior Python Developer earns an average of $600.
Mid Python Developer earns an average of $1000.
The average salary of a Senior Python Developer is $1500.

Here, we will include the following specializations: backend, full-stack, and other fields, such as data science. Let’s consider what it looks like in numbers:

A Backend developer specializing in the backend earns an average of $650.
A Python developer specializing in full-stack earns an average of $550.
A Python developer working in other specializations (e.g Data Science) earns an average of $1000.

In such cases, earnings are the highest in this third category – and this is because there are usually no juniors. Working with data science needs a lot of experience.

Popular frameworks of Python

The most popular Python frameworks are undoubtedly Django and Flask. The latter is intended for developing web applications, and Flask is a micro-framework. It can be explained in such a way since it does not require specific tools or libraries.

Let’s consider how Python developers specializing in these tools earn on average:

The average salary of a Django developer is around $700. A developer with Flask knowledge can earn an average of $800.

It is worth mentioning that the percentage of programmers using Flask was higher than those of Django – this fact will definitely make this result look even different now.

Highest paying cities for Python developer Jobs in the United States

Overall, the differences between the regions are not that significant here. So let’s see the average earnings of Python developers depending on the city in which they work.

New York $133,526
Delaware $130,50
Massachusetts $126,460
Washington $122,022
Washington DC $120,029
Illinois $119,902
Connecticut $119,845
Virginia $119,67
South Carolina $117,980
Texas $117,436

What is the average salary package a Python developer can count on in particular industries?

Let’s see:

Finance / banking / insurance – $11216 per annum
Preparation Software -$12617.44 per annum
Telecommunications -$8963.19 per annum
Internet services – $10289.53 per annum

Overall, it can be concluded that the most profitable business (in terms of any language) is Finance / Banking / Insurance. Of course, average earnings are usually the highest there. The most considerable percentage of programmers, however, work based on our data in the software industry. Here, We have mentioned the salary for entry level python jobs to advanced level.

That’s about it. At Letstacle, we hope the above information will be useful to you and help you find a job or prepare for an interview. If you believe anything we missed that you would like to know or share, let us know in the comment section.

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